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Aleja Falcone

Aleja is the daughter of a penniless Cuban

refugee-turned-sugar magnate and she's married

to a U.S. Senator. That means she's as close as you

get to Cuban American royalty At the very least,

she's the pillar of society in Miami, but she might

be the whole damn building. Like all good royals,

she's learned how to play the figurehead in public.

Privately, she's the firebrand behind two very

influential men and she'll let you forget it until

you — or they - need to be reminded. She has not

been compared to Jackie O., but she will be.

Emily Burke

Burke is the senator’s Carrera’s whip-smart chief-of-staff. Out of 50 senators, she’s hitched her wagon to Carreras because she can read the writing on the wall: he’s going places. She also believes in him and sees a man who can part bullshit sea and effect meaningful change. Burke is called to this work. For her, it’s asked not what Michael Carreras can do for you, ask what you can do for Michael Carreras. But that kind of faith scares people. Some might even say her faith looks a lot like love – or maybe obsession. 

Alfonso Falcone

A Cuban refugee Who Fled Castro’s regime for the promise of safety, Freedom and opportunity in the America. Considering He’s now a sugar baron with enough money land and power to hold political sway, you Could say he’s found plenty of all three. You could also say he’s a survivor. The thing about survivors? They’ll do anything to stay alive. 

Dan Stanton

Stanton is Sell. Carrera's communications

manager. Which is ironic, because he has trouble

reading the writing on any wall. But he does look

the part: well put together, if a little slick. If Burke

believes in tele work, Stanton believes in the

paycheck. Even so, there's a part of Stanton that

wants to be the gt.t,, not just the guy behind the

— guy. Sadly, you need a good set of bulls to make

that happen— so it won't for him. Stanton is in

control of every story except his own: he's middle

management and always will be.

Jackson Ripley

Ripley is a high republican strategist for hire

with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. As fur us he's

concerned, forty years ago, he'd be the Senator. He's a good or boy and nostalgia has left u bitter taste in his mouth. But he's damn good at his job and always ahead of the curve because being the best means he 11 still get the advancement he would prefer was his birthright. But he'll also cut u corner if the price is right. Which means he's about us cutthroat us you get without wielding the knife himself. For God, for country, for Jackson Ripley but not necessarily in that order.

Sam Wells

A former Florida State Senator, Wells is the Democratic challenger to Carreras in the coming election. Wells is a struggling attorney who speaks common sense to power and almost belongs to another era. Permanently pickled, sturdy, and about as folksy as a cedar canoe dug out with a teaspoon. Even so, the NRA took Wells out of office

previously because his attempts to enact legislation to keep guns out of the hands of schoolchildren were perceived to impede on 2nd Amendment protections. I wen so, Wells is off to an incredible start. in terms of fundraising, and he's not the only one surprised by his own early success. Wells and his people are thrilled with their healthy suffers, because every dollar is created equal, right? Or maybe there are times when you really should look a gift horse in the mouth?

Senator Carreras

In the curly ought, Barack Obama was a name

you started hearing when powerful people spoke

about the future of American politics. The name

you hear today is Mike Carreras. He checks a]] the

boxes. Smart, educated, handsome, presentable,

and his marriage will never land on the pages of

anything edgier than Town & Country. He s also

self-made but it probably doesn't hurt that he

married into one of the wealthiest families in

Florida. His only real problem is that he might

actually be a good person.

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